My name is Phoebe Pink
and I have two boyfriends.

I’m not sure how it happened exactly.
One moment, I’m at my high school reunion and the next, they took me back to their place and my panties were on the floor.

Max Monahan and Thad Hemsley.
The dynamic duo of our high school, Belle Academy.

They never looked twice at me back then but now?
They want me. Both of them.
But they’re best friends. I should do the right thing and choose one.

I’ll choose Max. I’ve had a crush on him my entire life.
But Thad… He makes me feel more alive than I ever have.
No matter what I do, I break two hearts; mine and the man we leave behind.


No… No, I can’t date both of them at the same time.

Or can I?

2 in the Pink


The Pink Diaries, #1
Series without cliffhangers. Must be read in order.

Release Date:

May 25, 2017

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