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April 24th: What is Tabby Reading?

April 17th: What is Tabby Reading?
April 17, 2018
May 1st: What is Tabby Reading?
May 1, 2018

Recommended Reads: April 24th, 2018

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m never stripped for you
Stripped From You by M, Never

"It doesn't matter how many women
touch this body, only one woman
has ever touched this soul."
Amazon US
amelia dirty scandal
Dirty Scandal by Amelia Wilde

A billionaire playboy.
A straight-laced lawyer.
And a scandal that could ruin them both…
Amazon US
alana albertson sway
Sway by Alana Albertson

Meet the cast of this season’s hit television series, Dancing under the Stars!
Amazon US
vivian the baby mission
The Baby Mission by Vivian Wood

He wants into my pants.
And I want a baby...
Amazon US
alessa mr man candy
Mr. Man Candy by Alessandra Hart

In walks Nate Scott.
Playboy. Loaded. Handsome.
Bad news.
Amazon US

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