One night changed my life.

I slept with the daughter of my enemy.
She came to me on the eve of her wedding day begging for my help.
She wanted to destroy the Zappia crime family from the inside out... she just needed a little Russian in the blood to do it.

I did as she asked. I had my way with her and sent her down the aisle with something more than my blood inside of her.

I never expected it to work. The odds weren't in her favor but as I walked the halls of the Zappia estate three years later, I came face-to-face with a young boy.

He had my eyes. I had a son.

Her plan had worked. She'd given birth to a child destined to tear down the Zappias once and for all.
If they find out, they'll kill her. If they discover who their precious heir's father really is... it'll start a war.

I'm leaving this place and I'm taking her and our child with me.

Our love has always been a mistake.
But it's a mistake I'll gladly start a war to protect.



Snake Eyes, #4
Series without cliffhangers. For best experience, read in order.

Release Date:

June 14, 2016

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