One kiss changed my life.

I kissed the wrong girl. The forbidden girl.
The next morning, her father showed me the door and told me to never come back.

I joined the military. I became a sniper and I was good at my job. A little too good.

Snake Eyes found me and wanted me to come work for them. Their offer was simple: Kill for us or receive two bullets through the eyes.

I chose to stay alive and wait for an opportunity to escape. It took nearly two years and in the process, I lost my soul.

But I never forgot her face. Every breath I took was in the hope that I would see her again someday.

Unfortunately, I left a trail during my escape; a trail that led right to her door. Snake Eyes will do unspeakable things to her to get to me but I won't let that happen.
I'd give my life for hers and they know it.
She knows it now, too.

One look in her eyes and the killer was dead.
One taste of her sweet skin and I wanted even more of her.

Our love has always been a mistake... especially on the run. But it's a mistake worth making twice.



Snake Eyes, #1
Series without cliffhangers. For best experience, read in order.

Release Date:

January 23, 2016

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