She’s my biggest fan.
She’s my father’s employee.
She’s my muse.
She’s my friend.
She’s a virgin, too.
She’s, well…
Let’s just say it’s getting complicated.

She was right in front of me the whole time, smiling and blushing behind the front desk at my family’s hotel.
But last night, I saw more than the girl in the blue and gold blazer. I saw red hair, red lips, and bright red knees.
Best of all, I heard music. Months of songwriter’s block led me to her and now, I can’t stop strumming my guitar.

I need more.
I need to be around her.
I need her.

But it’s not what it sounds like. We’re just friends.


Just a Crush


Heartthrob Hotel, #4
Stand-alones. Can be read in any order.

Release Date:

February 20, 2019

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