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Billionaire Lover

February 1, 2018
Pretty Dirty Trick
March 10, 2018
Pretty Little Thing
November 30, 2017

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His darkest secret... is her deepest desire.

I gave up on love the moment she walked out of my life.
I told myself it was for the best. There was no way she and I could be together.

She was too carefree and spirited to fit into a world like mine and my path was set in stone the moment I was born holding a silver spoon.

The fact that her mother married my father was just icing on the forbidden cake that is my love for her.

But now she's back. After all this time, Rocky Ramone actually came home.
And she's asking for my help.

A job. Any job. She's broke, desperate,... and has no memory of the night we almost spent together.
I'll give her anything she wants to keep her in my life but she can never know that I remember everything.
If she finds out what happened, she'll leave and I'll never see her again.

I lost her once. I won't lose her again.

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