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Blind Girl

Bodyguard (The Snake Eyes Series, Book #1)
January 23, 2016

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“It’s Blind Girl Party night,” he explains. “Tonight is fate’s night.”

Alice Hughes and her friend, Gabby, stumble upon the Blind Girl Party during a night of college rebellion, a fateful event so secretive that only the wealthy social elite know of its existence and the exotic treasures to be found within it. She meets Charles Kent, a mysterious billionaire twice her age, and finds herself unable to resist his clever seductions.

The terms are simple. He’ll provide for her, pleasure her, and protect her — but he will never love her. Alice quickly discovers that she can’t say no to him and Charles introduces her to a vast world of dark desires she never knew she had.

Their affair is passionate, but toxic. Alice desires more from Charles, a love that he’s not capable of giving her. He lets her go, but the effects of their affair haunt Alice in ways she could never predict.

Years later, Charles reenters Alice’s life in the most unexpected of ways. She’s drawn to him once more, but she fights his magnetism in favor of Percy, an up-and-coming artist who promises her the one thing Charles never could: Love.

Her heart wants Percy, but her body needs Charles.
And in the end, only fate can decide…

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