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Home Run Baby
August 23, 2016
June 14, 2016

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How deep can he go?
All the way.


John Kirby. Just another big, dumb jock with a real big… you know.
I swore I’d never get involved with another man like him again.

He’s crude and loud. Vulgar and unsophisticated.
But he knows exactly what he’s doing when he touches me.

I can’t let this happen. I’m a TA at our university and there are rules about this kind of thing.
If we get caught, my entire world will fall apart.

But I’m already in too deep.
And I like it.


Rose Hawthorne. Just another hot, blonde babe that gives me a real big… you know.
I swore that by the end of the football season I’d make her mine but I wasn’t expecting that to be so hard.

She’s uptight and boring. Frigid and prude.
But I know exactly what to do to melt that ice.

I have a reputation to maintain. I’m a player, both on and off the field.
If I don’t seal the deal, my entire world will fall apart.

I’ll just have to go a little deeper.
And she likes it.

An irresistible womanizer. A forbidden teaching assistant.
College football’s quickest halfback is about to go deep.

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