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Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Dirty Trick
December 17, 2017
A Hot Sauce Halloween
October 4, 2017

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From 9-to-5, I’m his boss.
After that… he’s my Dom.

CEO Nora Payne is stressed out.

She works 24/7. She spends her days telling others what to do and where to go. Nothing she's tried has helped her relieve the stress of her busy work life, until...

Her friend tells her about The Red Brick Road, a kink club nestled in the heart of Chicago.

Nora needs a Dom. Someone she doesn't have to micro-manage all day long. Someone she can let go and submit to... if only for a few minutes.

She steps out of her comfort zone to explore the sinful delights to be found on the Red Brick Road and runs into the last person she ever expected to find…

Her new office temp. The handsome, soft-spoken Clive Snow…

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