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Undying: The ALPHA Edition

Lumberjack BOSS
July 11, 2017
Unbroken: The ALPHA Edition
June 15, 2017

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This was supposed to be our happy ending.
But one last fight stands in our way.


The Alpha Dames are dying.
Picked off one-by-one. Hunted down like animals.
All because of me.

I’ve been given a choice.
Return home now or live with their blood on my hands.

I’m sick of hiding in the shadows.
I’m tired of waiting around for the problem to solve itself.

You want me? Here I am.
You’ll just have to get through Tobias first.


The Midwest Alphas are finished.
Completely overrun by a rival fighting league, The Double Ex Kings.
And the leader wants to claim Claire as his Queen.

But she’s gone. Hidden away somewhere safe where he can’t find her.
Or so I thought.

Claire came home to sacrifice herself and save the other Dames.
I made a promise that I wouldn’t let that happen, even if the cost is my own life.

An Alpha protects his Dame.
Always and forever.

Undying: The ALPHA Edition features nearly 10,000 new words. More blood, more sweat, and more forbidden love, all from Tobias’ perspective. Get into the mind of the Alpha for the first time and learn more about the dark and dangerous underground world of The Midwest Alphas! Book 3 of 3, so no cliffhanger here. Includes Sanctuary, an extended epilogue.

Complete the Trilogy