She’s an uptight b*tch…
but that just turns me on.

Sex. It’s all I think about.

It has been ever since that bet my friend, Shawn, and I made a few years back. If I can sleep with every female in our graduating class at Belle Academy before we go off to college, victory will be mine. It’s a tiny, elite, private school. That’s 23 ladies and every last one of them thinks I’m a god.

Except her.

When my mother got married during my junior year, things got a little… complicated. It made Piper Lynch my stepsister. The Ice Princess herself. It was already a challenge getting under her thick skin, but now? She may as well have installed a chastity belt.

One week. I have one week to seal the deal with her or Shawn wins. She thinks she’s gotten rid of me by leaving the country but I have other plans.

This trip to Europe is exactly what I need to get my edge back … and the perfect chance to get real close to Piper.

Ruin Me


Belle Academy, #1
Stand-alones. Can be read in any order.

Release Date:

February 25, 2016

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