One glance changed my life.
One glance at her and I knew she was mine.
She was a dancer. Graceful and stunningly beautiful.

I'm a killer. Playing that card is usually an easy way to get women to do what I want, but not her. She was strong-willed and wild; things I never knew I wanted in a woman... until now.

It started with a simple game of cat and mouse and ended with bloodshed.
She lost everything because of me. If I hadn't have taken what wasn't mine she would still have that spark in her eyes.

She hates me but she'll forgive me if I teach her what I know.
How to fight. How to kill. How to survive.
But being with her has led me down a new path.
How to feel. How to love. How to survive together.
I won't let her become a sinner like me.

Our love has always been a mistake.
But it's a mistake I'll gladly kill for.

The Hitman's Dancer


Snake Eyes, #2
Series without cliffhangers. For best experience, read in order.

Release Date:

February 14, 2016

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