Series: The Midwest Diaries Trilogy
Release Date: October 27, 2017

He was my friend.
My lover.
My ultimate undoing.

I'm exiled. Banished from the concrete jungle I call home and forced to spend my summer on my uncle's farm.
That's where I met my step-cousin, Tobias, a guy who takes the strong, silent type to the next level.

We were told to stay away from each other. Bad influences, they said.
But, as we'll soon discover, all we have is each other inside the brutal and dangerous world of the Midwest Alphas, an illegal fighting tournament that promises fame and glory for the victor.

Tobias is the local favorite to win it all, but his competitors will stop at nothing to keep that from happening.
Including going after the one thing he wants more than winning.

I trust him when he says he won't let anybody put their hands on me.
Nobody but him.

Forbidden includes the complete Midwest Diaries trilogy: Untouched, Unbroken, and Undying, plus the extended epilogue Sanctuary.