From 9-to-5, I'm his boss.
After that... he's my Dom.

Every woman knows that man.
The one they try not to make eye contact with just in case the sheer force of it lights their panties on fire.

For me, that man is Clive Snow.

He works for me. My new office temp.
Tall, dark, and muscular eye candy for days.

I keep my inappropriate work crush to myself...
Until the night he catches me at the local kink club.

By day, he files my paperwork. By night, he's a Dom in search of a sub he can make his own.
And I'm a shy, vanilla girl in need of a man who can teach me more.

Makes sense, right?

Wrong. It's oh-so-wrong.
But it feels so good.

Pretty Little Thing


Chicago Nights, #1
Series without cliffhangers. For best experience, read in order.

Release Date:

November 27, 2017

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