Reading Order

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Kiss and Drake books can be read concurrently.

Heartthrob Hotel Series

Just a Touch (Graham and Jen)
Just a Kiss (Hayden and Penelope)
Just a Fling (Ira and Veronica)
Just a Crush (Jonah and Marla)
Just a King (Kingston and Fiona)

The Heartthrobs Series

Ego Trip (Oliver and Paige)

Break the Rules Series

You Don't Marry the Muse (Jonah and Marla)
Rock Gods Don't Date Pop Princesses (Knox and Harmony)

The Pink Series

2 in the Pink (Max, Thad, and Phoebe)
Pink Christmas
Pink Valentine
Pink Birthday(s)

Chicago Nights Series

Pretty Little Thing (Clive and Nora)
Pretty Dirty Trick (Lance and Trix)
Pretty Ever After (Robbie and Melanie)

Bad Boys of Delta Xi Series

On His Face (Drew and Heidi)
On His Knees (Seth and Jenna)

Kings of Chicago North Series

Touchdown Baby (Junior and Alyssa)
First Down Darling (John and Rose)
Home Run Baby (Hunter and Daisy)

Princes of Chicago North Series

Halftime Heartbreaker (Connor and Dana)
Late Night Burn (Kelly and Courtney)
Tight End Trickster (Ben and Julie)

Sweet Cravings Series

Muffin Top (Vincent and Evey)
A Muffin Top Christmas
Hot Sauce (Jake and Anna)
A Hot Sauce Halloween

Old Habits Series

The Mechanic (Will and Jovie)
The Milkman (Nate and Kimber)

Stand-alone Romances

Lumberjack Boss (Leo and Hazel)
I Hate You, Kai Casablancas (Kai and Piper)

Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

Death (Cards of Love) (Ari and Tannis)

Writing as Tabatha Drake

The Midwest Diaries Trilogy

Untouched (Tobias and Claire)

Killer Love Series

Killer Love (Luka and Sofia)
Secret Love (Fox and Dani)
Tainted Love (Dante and Lucy)
Broken Love (Boxcar and Caleb)
Mad Love (Archer and Lilah)
Cruel Love (all)
Endless Love (all)

The Devil of Siren City

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