Reading Order

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Kiss and Drake books can be read concurrently.

Heartthrob Hotel Series

Just a Touch (Graham & Jen)
Just a Kiss (Hayden & Penelope)
Just a Fling (Ira & Veronica)
Just a Crush (Jonah & Marla)
Just a King (Kingston & Fiona)

The Heartthrobs Series

Ego Trip (Oliver & Paige)

Break the Rules Series

You Don't Marry the Muse (Jonah & Marla)
Rock Gods Don't Date Pop Princesses (Knox & Harmony)
#2 TBA

The Pink Series

2 in the Pink (Max, Thad, & Phoebe)
Tickled Pink

Chicago Nights Series

Pretty Little Thing (Clive & Nora)
Pretty Dirty Trick (Lance & Trix)
Pretty Ever After (Robbie & Melanie)

Bad Boys of Delta Xi Series

On His Face (Drew & Heidi)
On His Knees (Seth & Jenna)

Kings of Chicago North Series

Touchdown Baby (Junior & Alyssa)
First Down Darling (John & Rose)
Home Run Baby (Hunter & Daisy)

Princes of Chicago North Series

Halftime Heartbreaker (Connor & Dana)
Late Night Burn (Kelly & Courtney)
Tight End Trickster (Ben & Julie)
#3 TBA

Sweet Cravings Series

Muffin Top (Vincent & Evey)
A Muffin Top Christmas
Hot Sauce (Jake & Anna)
A Hot Sauce Halloween

Old Habits Series

The Mechanic (Will & Jovie)
The Milkman (Nate & Kimber)

Stand-alone Romances

Lumberjack Boss (Leo & Hazel)
I Hate You, Kai Casablancas (Kai & Piper)

Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

Death (Cards of Love) (Ari & Tannis)

Writing as Tabatha Drake

The Midwest Diaries Trilogy

Untouched (Tobias & Claire)

Killer Love Series

Killer Love (Luka & Sofia)
Secret Love (Fox & Dani)
Tainted Love (Dante & Lucy)
Broken Love (Boxcar & Caleb)
Mad Love (Archer & Lilah)
Cruel Love (all)
Endless Love (all)

The Devil of Siren City

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