Content Warnings - The Devil of Siren City

General Spoiler-Free Warning:
Tabatha's books are written for mature, adult readers. Some themes and situations that occur may be difficult for some to handle. If certain scenes make you uncomfortable, she strongly suggests taking a break or setting the book down entirely. Your health and well-being is important.

Detailed Warning (This list contains spoilers):

Strong language
Detailed life of crime (without remorse)
Explicit descriptions of sex and sex acts (some between characters with 20-year age gap)
Graphic violence (the term brain matter is used at least once)
Implied Threats of Sexual Assault (in dialogue)
Death and murder (on and off page)
Some light identity theft
Brain cancer/hospice care (side character)
Suicidal urges (side character)
Virginity auction (in side character's past)
Sexual contact between men (not the hero)
Adultery (in heroine's past)
Dead children (on page)