First Down Darling

Series: Kings of Chicago North, #2
Release Date: February 15, 2022

When I got the teaching assistant job at Chicago North University, I had to agree to two rules:
1. Follow the syllabus.
2. Don’t date the undergrads.

Easy enough. I’m a science nerd with a Graduate thesis to write. My weekend plans don’t exactly include doing keg stands at the Alpha Delta Xi house.
But when the fastest halfback in college football shows up in the front row of my chemistry class, the rules start to seem... a little more like guidelines to me.

Hello, John Kirby.
Farewell, my V-card.

If anyone finds out about us, I could lose a lot more than my inhibitions.
But John isn’t like any guy I’ve ever dated. He’s clever. And loyal. And ripped like a sheet.
I can believe him when he says he’ll never hurt me. Right?

We broke the rules.
I never expected him to break my heart, too.