Hot Sauce

Series: Sweet Cravings, #2
Release Date: September 26, 2017

I used to think my sauce was the hottest thing in Boston.
Then, I met her.

One minute, I'm minding my own business in my food truck and the next, I'm the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Anna's the lead detective on the case. Bold and beautiful. A single mom.
I would have done anything to end up in her cuffs before, but not like this.

I'm innocent. Wrongfully accused and there's nothing I can do to prove it.
Luckily, Anna believes me.
She took one look in my gorgeous multi-colored eyes and she... Wait, have I what? Have I ever donated sperm?
I mean, yeah, sure. Once. About five or six years ago...
Why is she looking at me like that?
Her daughter has my eyes? And, uh, how old is she?

Well, this just got complicated.

She's a cop with a baby. He's a criminal with a juicy secret.
Hot Sauce. It's a love story... in reverse!