I Hate You, Kai Casablancas

Series: Stand-alone
Release Date: February 26, 2016



It’s all I think about.

It has been ever since that bet my friend, Shawn, and I made a few years back. If I can sleep with every female in our graduating class at Belle Academy before we go off to college, victory will be mine. It’s a tiny, elite, private school. That’s 23 ladies and every last one of them thinks I’m a god.

Except her.

When my mother got married during my junior year, things got a little… complicated. It made Piper Lynch my stepsister. The Ice Princess herself.
It was already a challenge getting under her thick skin, but now? She may as well have installed a chastity belt.

One week. I have one week to seal the deal with her or Shawn wins. She thinks she’s gotten rid of me by leaving the country but I have other plans.

This trip to Europe is exactly what I need to get my edge back … and the perfect chance to get real close to Piper.



It’s all I think about.

Man, woman. Sweet, rough. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. There’s not a lot I’m not down for, and not a lot of people I’d say no to.

Except him.

I’ve noticed Kai Casablancas’ pathetic attempts at flirting with me. I’m not stupid. He’s been laying it on real strong lately and I’ve reached the end of my patience with him. You’d think my father marrying his mother would be enough to get him to back off but he’s pursued me like a sick puppy for years.

My friend, Mandy, and I are going to Europe for a week. One last hurrah before college begins. A chance to experience the world beyond the prude and restrictive halls of Belle Academy.

This trip to Europe is exactly what I need to finally let loose… and get far away from Kai.

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