Pretty Ever After

Series: Chicago Nights, #3
Release Date: June 8, 2020

Robbie Wheeler. My muse.
The classic bad boy with a leather jacket and a heart of gold.
But I'm not making that mistake again.

A girl can't keep banging her ex-husband. That would be naughty.

I left him, but he never left me.
He signed the papers with a smile and promised to win be back someday.
I didn't believe he could change.
Then, he showed up when I needed him the most.

My muse has returned to claim my heart, but I can't help but wonder...
Is this really our happily ever after?
Or is it all just another lie?

Pretty Ever After is a hot second chance romance with a bad boy hero, a snarky heroine, and enough fire to light your eReader aflame! Start reading to find out why romance readers can't get enough of Tabatha Kiss!