The Devil of Siren City

Title: The Devil of Siren City
Series: The Devil of Siren City, #1
Release Date: March 15, 2024

If the Devil made you an offer... would you take it?

Siren City is a nation of villains.
A city founded by pirates and run by the gods themselves.

No one goes there to get noticed.
They go to hide. To vanish, hopefully without a trace.
That's exactly what nurse Skylar Jean Green intends to do.

Fortunately, her dangerous and mysterious new employer, Adrian Price, has a place for her in the shadows... with him.

The Devil of Siren City is a dark urban fantasy romance featuring a brutal anti-hero on a deadly path of vengeance and a vulnerable healer who may be the only one who can soothe his wounds and save his soul - if his darkness doesn't consume her first!

This is PART ONE of an on-going serial and ends on a cliffhanger. See author's website for list of content warnings.

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